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We are an R&D and web development office of international Optimax Eyewear Group based in Tolyatti since 2008

Optimax started with the vision. A big vision of changing the way people buy eyewear all over the world. 

Our mission in Togliatti Russia where is the R&D center of the entire Optimax Eyewear company is actually to be able to recruit and grow professionals that eventually will bring technology for people all around the world to buy glasses online.

Come, join us, be a part of this huge initiative vision and fulfill the mission that helps to a bigger amount of people be able to purchase glasses online. 

we create future technologies in optics

we pay a lot of attention to details

we encourage developers to smile

we enjoy having time together

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Amont a lot of places around the world Toliatti has been chosen to become an R&D representative office to encourage people to grow and learn web development.

We develop ourselves by growing personnel all over the world, including Tolyatti office. 

When you achieve success you become a focal point for sharing it wiht others. We believe this approach is the most advanced and professional to grow fast and have fantastic horizons to develop ourselves.

We use the most powerful set of technology stack to cover millions of requests and deal with the highload infrastrucrure all around the world..

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